Manual For Exams

Manual For Exams


  • Exams are hard, stressful and nerve wrecking for all and the secret for doing well in exams is to create a study plan for your child.
  • It is better to study a little each day then to rush the night before exam.
  • Schedule study time for your child prior to the exam to have enough time for revision.
  • Workout a revision timetable for each subject and select days to cover each subject.
  • Regular breaks from continuous studies will help your child avoid monotony. Ensure your child maintains a proper balance between study and rest.
  • Find a comfortable and quite place for your child so they can focus better.
  • Nutritious foods are proven to aid both concentration and memory.
  • Make sure everything is ready in advance for the exam.
  • Encourage your child that they can “do it”; boost their confidence by believing in them; avoid negative sentences like “Leave it if you can’t do it” and reinforce them with positive ones like “give it a try”.
  • Positive feedback will help the child feel confident.


Shaheen – Educator

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