Best school Shoes

Last week, I went to buy my four-year-old daughter first pair of school shoes. It should be a special occasion but, to be honest, I am frighten. My other two – Aparna, who is seven, and Priyanka, eight – have both grown out of last year’s, so they’ll need new pairs, too. As a foot specialist, I know that correctly fitting shoes are essential for children’s feet to grow properly. The wrong shoes can cause painful problems later. I regularly see [...]

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Help your children during exams

Assisting with revision Help Your Children The secret to doing well in exams lies in planning. You can help your child to create a clear revision plan and method of studying that will make them feel in control of their work. Maintain the Regular Routine but Do Not very strict You should ensure your child maintains a proper balance between study & rest. After an exam, they need time to rest and recharge before they start new exam preparation. Remember that this is [...]