Best school Shoes

Best school Shoes

Last week, I went to buy my four-year-old daughter first pair of school shoes. It should be a special occasion but, to be honest, I am frighten.
My other two – Aparna, who is seven, and Priyanka, eight – have both grown out of last year’s, so they’ll need new pairs, too.
As a foot specialist, I know that correctly fitting shoes are essential for children’s feet to grow properly. The wrong shoes can cause painful problems later. I regularly see patients with corns, calluses and hammer toes, mostly caused by wearing the wrong pair of shoes.

But with a huge range of styles on offer in the market, from supermarkets to online fashion stores selling children’s shoes, even I find shopping for them a confusing business.
Few of these places offer any help in fitting, but there are some tricks you can learn yourself.
It is worth spending few more penny on footwear for children to ensure they have comfortable school time and healthy life. This is my guide to finding the right shoes for your children.


You need a strap or other such as Velcro or laces to hold the foot in place so it does not slip forward and cause the toes to scrunch and claw.

Soles should be flexible, but only at the ball of the foot, not at the mid-point, and with sufficient cushioning. The sole should not be strong, but nor should you be able to roll it up into a ball or bend it in half. A supportive sole must be strong enough for skipping , running and walking.

Shoes should be made from good material, water-resistant material such as leather, canvas and other modern fabrics. Feet sweat is most important, particularly if you are active, as children are. If feet cannot breathe, this can lead to fungal infections and than give bad smeell.

Dont think twice in investing little more on shoe. They are an investment for good foot health even if children outgrow them quickly.


Rubber clogs have insufficient support at the heel and cause children to walk in an out-toed which can cuase knee problem.

Ballet pumps are also too flat and often flimsy, offering insufficient support, which means you have to clench toes to keep the shoe on.

Ugg boots should be worn as slippers only (as designed) as they offer little support.

Hope this will help you.

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