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A shirt, tie and blazer may not be the perfect ingredients for my outfit. But if I were given the choice, I wouldn’t throw away the idea of buying school uniform online. Buy school uniform online. Buying uniform on the peak season is quite irritating, spending long time in queue with kids. When all vendors are located in the crowed places. With this start platform for school uniform parents can give quality time to their children rather than wasting time [...]

Best school Shoes

Last week, I went to buy my four-year-old daughter first pair of school shoes. It should be a special occasion but, to be honest, I am frighten. My other two – Aparna, who is seven, and Priyanka, eight – have both grown out of last year’s, so they’ll need new pairs, too. As a foot specialist, I know that correctly fitting shoes are essential for children’s feet to grow properly. The wrong shoes can cause painful problems later. I regularly see [...]